Let’s change,


not to betray what we have been, 

but to tell better what we will be.



There are moments, in life, when the wind of change comes and, within you, you feel you have to grasp it.


We are currently living history where flexibility, speed, and relational skills are increasingly important for companies to grow.


At the same time, we are struggling with fast-moving markets: protecting the know-how and corporate identity are crucial actions, including for defending ourselves against a growingly fierce competition. 


In this renewed framework, corporate communication must be open to evolution, in order to reach out more effectively and become the bastion of a set of values shared with our stakeholders.


We are an Italian company; we have a 30-year story of recognised technological competence in the field of medical and veterinary radiology. We have an international profile and we are part of a Group of prestigious companies.


Yet, we do not feel we got to the top, because the future thrills us; and it is precisely in the future that we still want to have our say. Today, our future urges us on to take a step forward and we are happy to share it with our partners.


Follow us, and you will find that behind our new dress we are always the same.
But with an extra glow.