At I.M.D Generators we design and produce x-ray Generators and Monoblocs for Medical and Veterinary Equipment. Our products are suitable to several application such as:

  • General Radiology and Fluoroscopy
  • C-Arm and mobile unit
  • Mammography
  • Dental CBCT
  • CBCT
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Veterinary Table and CBCT
  • etc…

Monobloc Vs Generator

Monobloc differs from a Generator basically because the High Voltage Transformer and the x-ray tube are included in a single unit. The monobloc therefore represents a more compact solution that allows to simplify the design and production of X-ray machines, leading to savings in terms of space and costs. Obviously, it is recommended for applications with medium-low powers as the emission power and the thermal parameters are normally lower than those of a housing. When the High Voltage Transformer and the x-ray tube are in two separated units then we are talking about Generator and Housing. These two items have to be connected with high voltage cables that are normally long and cumbersome. This solution is indicated for high power application because they allow to use bigger x-ray tubes with a better thermal capacity and dissipation. Our company also offers Control System to combine with our monoblocs and generators. They have different integration levels: from the single components supply till the Plug & Play solution.